Daily Horoscopes 2016

Daily Horoscopes 2016
Daily Horoscope 10/7/16

Friday October 7, 2016 Capricorn – Try to keep your emotions under control today. Someone might try to push your buttons today. Keep calm because the victory is coming as long as you keep a cool head. Aquarius –When will people learn not to under estimate you?  Just because you…

Daily Horoscope 10/6/16

Thursday October 6, 2016 Capricorn – Don’t get bent out of shape over money today. Your finances are soon changing. Not a good day for investing today. Try tomorrow. Aquarius –Don’t let stubborn people side track you from doing what you need to do. It is not your job to…

Daily Horoscope 10/5/16

Wednesday October 5, 2016 Capricorn – You barely avoided a bad situation. Remember that some things we go through only makes us stronger and wiser. Pick yourself up and try again because next time you will have a better plan. Aquarius –  There is so much that you want to…

Daily Horoscope 10/4/16

Tuesday October 4, 2016 Capricorn – You are over working your brain trying to change the outlook. It’s time that you bring in a neutral party to help you sort things out. Aquarius – You feel like today is one of those days where you damned if you do and…

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