About Us

About Us

Psychic Link is your store for all of your spiritual needs

How it all got started....

I started this business in September 2000 when I first starting reading on Keen.com under the name The Psychic Link. Back then my business website did not sell any products, it just contained information for phone readings and email readings. A few years later I designed a new website that showcased a small number of third-party candles that I sold to my clients only.  As the years went by, I started adding more third-party candles until I had a diverse inventory of different products. Over the years more clients were requesting custom candles so in 2007 I started to include custom candles made by The Psychic Link in the store’s inventory. A few years after that, The Psychic Link candles were selling more than the third-party candles; so as of 2014 I eliminated the third-party candles and only including candles made by The Psychic Link only and made them public to not just my current clients, but for everyone.

Why Buy From Us ?

We have been and are making quality candles made with essential oils. We make all our candles by hand during the different moon phases.

Need help figuring out what candle is best for your situation? Call or email customer service and we will help you find the right product for you or make a custom candle just for you.

Meet Our Team

The glue that holds this company together


Psychic Denise $1.99/min | Dial-in ID: 45938 Available Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM Saturday & Sunday Appointment Only About Me…

What Client Say ?

Thank you thank you thank you! Denise, hit the nail right on the head, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to speak with you today. This situation is making me sick, and I can't wait for a resolution. Especially with my mom


Psychic Reading

Thank you for clarity


Psychic Reading

Great call!


Psychic Reading

Thank you the reading .... It was very detailed and a little different from what others have told me but all in all good!


Psychic Reading

Excellent reader! She is straight forward and I've never been disappointed.


Psychic Reading

First time caller. I like her a lot. Seems to have a true psychic gift. Also, she is a great listener, does not interrupt or interject her opinions. I am glad I found her and would call her again.

diane plus paws

Psychic Reading

Helpful and exactly what I needed.


Psychic Reading

My go to girl, always there when I need her! Love speaking with Denise! Thanks for clarifying things for me. I swear Denise is like a best friend, love her


Psychic Reading



Psychic Reading

Thank you WILL wait and see what happens!


Psychic Reading

Denise you know you so special and greatest


Psychic Reading

love her readings she is so accurate and friendly. She gives me clarity and understanding on the way the guy I love feels, thank you so much.


Psychic Reading

She’s always a pleasure to talk with. Thank you Denise.

Pama Jama

Psychic Reading

Amazing as always. Thanks.


Psychic Reading

Always a Five Star Reading

Liveadvice with Misty

Psychic Reading

I wanted to let you know that you were not just right but EXACTLY right! You said you didn’t even see him MAD at me anymore he just was being stubborn. He called today and said he wasn’t mad at me at all but he didn’t want to talk to me and didn’t want to discuss our argument, he was in a sense making me wait to talk to him to get back at me. I know I shouldn’t have said what I did but his response wasn’t necessary you know. Thank you for having a true and accurate connection and not making anything up like others have which is why I accused him in the first place. I was stupid!


Psychic Reading

This lady knows what she is talking about, she told me before this year is out he will tell me he loves me, she also told me he has been thinking about me this week and he sees himself with me long term. Thanks Denise.


Psychic Reading

Denise was right on point without me having to tell her much. She stated things that I have felt or have told my significant other without me ever telling her! Great reading will definitely be calling back.

Backtrack Girl

Psychic Reading

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