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About Me

My first psychic experience that I remember was when I was seven years old. My grandfather was the first spirit that I remember seeing.  It was the night of his funeral and I was laying in bed sleeping, when I was awoken out of my sleep by a strange sound. I looked around the dark room and didn’t see anything and for some odd reason I looked up at the window and there was my grandfather standing outside of the window smiling and waving to me. I looked back with fear on my face because my parents had just explained what death was to me. I opened my mouth and let out a scream without taking my eyes off of him. His face quickly went from a smile to a look of shock. I don’t know if I scared him more or he scared me more. Ten years later my grandfather came back to see me again, this time it was in my dream. After that experience it was like my spirit was re-awoken.  I began knowing what was going to happen before it happen, through visions, hearing, and empathic feelings.  I knew that there was life after this life and I started on a quest of learning more about my gifts.

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I wanted to let you know that you were not just right but EXACTLY right! You said you didn’t even see him MAD at me anymore he just was being stubborn. He called today and said he wasn’t mad at me at all but he didn’t want to talk to me and didn’t want to discuss our argument, he was in a sense making me wait to talk to him to get back at me. I know I shouldn’t have said what I did but his response wasn’t necessary you know. Thank you for having a true and accurate connection and not making anything up like others have which is why I accused him in the first place. I was stupid!