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  • Clear

    The idea of the knobbed candle is to burn on knob each day to bring about a special wish, or un-do an undesirable situation.

    • Black – If someone has a hold on you or you suspect a binding spell has been placed on you by an unwanted lover
    • Blue – To eliminate depression or confusion
    • Green – If someone is withholding your money or your property is tied up in legal actions
    • Orange – To eliminate obstacles in the way of business success and career
    • Purple – To remove a hex or psychic attack
    • Red – To eliminate obstacles in the path of your love
    • White – For a secret wish to come true
  • $6.95

    Unblock your third eye and begin to see things much clearly or use this candle to develop psychic visions.

  • $8.95

    This multicolored candle was designed to help remove the spiritual and physical blocks that are keeping you from losing weight.