Daily Horoscope 10/7/16

Friday October 7, 2016 Capricorn – Try to keep your emotions under control today. Someone might try to push your buttons today. Keep calm because the victory is coming as long as you keep a cool head. Aquarius –When will people learn not to under estimate you?  Just because you sit back and play slow sometimes, people think that they can out smart you. Some people have to learn the hard way that you are far from slow and you could run circles around them while they are still trying to figure out what happened. Pisces – Still feeling a little moody today Pisces? Try not to latch out at people today because something small can turn into something big and it could easily spin out of control if it goes too far. Aries –Things are slowly coming together at a rabbit’s pace. You will soon get things back in balance and things will slowly start to turn around. Now is not the time to have an internal battle with yourself. Taurus – Sometimes we can let our egos cloud our decisions or choice of words, don’t let that happen to you today Taurus. This could be a day when somebody speaks up and say something in response to you that you may not like. Gemini – Aren’t you a little fire cracker today! Don’t let the misfortunes of others delay you from the task you have set for today. Take control today don’t feed into temptations and distractions. Cancer –You’re a lover not a fighter. Sit this round out today and let the chips fall where they may. You can pick them up another day. Leo – Things are going in your favor and it will be another good day but don’t ruin it with saying the wrong thing. Think about how to respond to questions today before you let the words come out of your mouth. You might end up saying something you wish you haven’t or it might come out in a different way then what you meant. Virgo – Today Virgo you are not going to worry about stuff you have no control over. Let your hair down and have a drink or attend a social gathering with friends. No excuses. You just might meet someone if single. Libra – When you are already down, the only direction left to go is up. It’s time Libra to step out on faith and start putting your dreams in action. Don’t let people slow your progress. Scorpio – Emotions are running high today. Try not to let the little things that people say bother you today. Sagittarius – Just because you can see through people and their lies today no need to reply with a sharp tongue. Remember it is not what you say, it’s how you say it. Keep it classy.  
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