Daily Horoscope 10/6/16

Thursday October 6, 2016 Capricorn – Don’t get bent out of shape over money today. Your finances are soon changing. Not a good day for investing today. Try tomorrow. Aquarius –Don’t let stubborn people side track you from doing what you need to do. It is not your job to make sure everybody is happy. You are one person and not a super hero. Pisces –You could be feeling a little moody today. It’s best to keep people at a distance because if you are not careful you could find yourself in the middle of a heated debut. Aries –Take today to relax a little we all know that you Aries’ are smart but you don’t have to out shine everyone, well at least not today. Sometimes it is better to sit back and observe. Taurus –You might feel the need to kick back and have a drink or two today or you might get invited to a social gathering. Gemini –Don’t let your temper get the best of you today. Today is not a day for the twins to come out and play. Pick and choose your battles because some are not worth fighting for. Cancer –Today is not the day to wear your heart on your sleeve. Your emotions allow people to read you easily making you a target. Keep your poker face on today. Leo – Another good day with Leo being the center of attention. Today is a good day to say something to the one you have been admiring. If in a relationship good day for a date night. Virgo – Virgo this could be a great love day for you, if you don’t ruin it. Sometimes Virgo your tongue is like a double edge sword. Think twice before speaking today. Libra –Don’t worry too much because you will get what is owed to you soon. Focus on the changes you have been thinking about making, it will soon be time to put those thoughts in motion. Scorpio – Avoid any foolish spending today. Make sure that is something that you need and not something that you want. Sagittarius – When things get a little rocky, Sagittarius you always keep an Ace up your sleeve. This tends to make others jealous of you and your luck. Take note of the ones who seem upset when things work out in your favor.
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