Daily Horoscope 10/5/16

Wednesday October 5, 2016 Capricorn – You barely avoided a bad situation. Remember that some things we go through only makes us stronger and wiser. Pick yourself up and try again because next time you will have a better plan. Aquarius –  There is so much that you want to do Aquarius but you feel like there is not enough time. Knock out the important stuff today and follow up on the rest tomorrow. Don’t discourage yourself from getting things done. Who knows you might be able to tickle it all today. Pisces –  This is not a good day for loans of any kind. You could end up with receiving less money back or owing additional money. Stay clear of financial transactions today. Aries – All is not lost yet. Things are just at a standstill You might be feeling the everyday stress today but keep your faith. If in a relationship spend time with your significant other today, kids or friends and be a good listener today. This will help take your mind off of your problems for a day at least. Taurus – Taurus this is your day to reflect on the things that you want to change. Don’t be a hermit for too long enjoy the day! It is a good time to put plans in motion and interact with the opposite sex. Gemini – Try not to let things upset you today. Some things are out of your control. Trying to force anything today could make things worse. Take it easy today, all is not lost. Cancer – You may have a slight delay with your new ventures so don’t brag about them just yet. Take it easy today. It will all work out soon. Leo –  If single this is a good day to be a little flirty, the stars line up today for you. There is an attraction energy around you today and the attention should put you in a good mood. Virgo –  Virgo stop talking about the things you want to do and start putting it in action. Many roads are opening for you, this is your time to shine. Libra – No news is good news. Don’t beat yourself up if things seem like they are only getting worse. The storm is almost over, you should start to see the rainbow soon. Scorpio –The cards are lining up in your favor don’t ruin it by being too pushy. You might upset the wrong person and they could push back. Sagittarius –  You’re are the right path so try not to sabotage yourself. Stay focus on your purpose by not letting people on the outside divert you off your path.
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