Daily Horoscope 10/4/16

Tuesday October 4, 2016 Capricorn – You are over working your brain trying to change the outlook. It’s time that you bring in a neutral party to help you sort things out. Aquarius – You feel like today is one of those days where you damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Just chalk today up as just one of those days. Use today as a Nextflix and chill day to get your mind off of the foolishness of today. Tomorrow is a whole new day. Pisces –  Finances are a little tight right now, but things are going to turn around later this month. Don’t worry all the important stuff will get taken care of. Aries – Things are not going to happen overnight for you Aries. Allow enough time for things to happen. Don’t worry things will work out for you in the end, they always do most of the time. Taurus – Taurus you have a tendency to overthink and make yourself feel a little depressed. Slow down today and think about more positive things. If feeling trapped at your job or relationship remember anything can be changed, don’t make yourself a prisoner when in actuality you hold the key. Gemini –  Take advantage of the stars lining up for you today and seize the day because you have a little luck on your side today. Cancer – Now is the time to start that new project, new job or whatever new project that you have been thinking about. It’s finally your time to shine now. Leo – Stay focused today Leo because today is a time for you to shine bright like a diamond with good luck on your side. Virgo – You need to take some time out for yourself today. Your mind is on overload and causing you to forget things. Take a moment and take a nice hot bath so you can relax and regroup. You may come up with some great game changing ideas while you are relaxing. Libra – It’s time to enjoy the little things in life. You will make yourself depressed thinking about what is all owed to you. Don’t limit yourself. Release the imaginary shackles that you have placed on yourself. Scorpio – Don’t limit yourself by waiting on someone else to give you that extra push or help you need. Have confidence in the choices and decisions you make. Sagittarius – Things are not always what they seem. Take a moment to gather all facts today before giving a reaction.
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