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How long before my candle start working ?

There is no set time for candle magic to take effect. I have seen it take a couple days to a couple of months. It depends on if you are doing the right type of work for your situation and if you have charged the candle correctly.  If you have done these steps you should start to see some changes within two weeks. If the person is stubborn allow one month.

How do I know if it is working?

For example if you had done a money candle and you receive extra monies, even if it is a few dollars the candle is starting to work. Give more time and more money will start to come.

I don't know what product to get ?

If you are unsure on which product works best with your situation just send us a message through Facebook Messenger, Contact Us Form, or email us for a response 24/7.  If you prefer to talk to a live person contact customer service during regular business hours of 9am-6pm est.

My candle has finished buring now what ?

Now is the hardest part, the waiting. There is nothing extra for you to do, but wait and let your candle magic to its work.

Candle Interpretation ?

The way your candle burns can give you insight to how well it is working or if it is missing the mark completely. Check out our candle interpretation page.

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