How It All Got Started

In The Begining

I started this business in September 2000 when I first starting reading on under the name The Psychic Link. Back then my business website did not sell any products, it just contained information for phone readings and email readings. A few years later I designed a new website that showcased a small number of third-party candles that I sold to my clients only.  As the years went by, I started adding more third-party candles until I had a diverse inventory of different products. Over the years more clients were requesting custom candles so in 2007 I started to include custom candles made by The Psychic Link in the store’s inventory. A few years after that, The Psychic Link candles were selling more than the third-party candles; so as of 2014 I eliminated the third-party candles and only including

Why Buy From Us


We make quality candles made with real essential oils. We make all of our candles by hand during the different moon phases.

Reasons to shop with us

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