Daily Horoscope 10/3/16

Monday October 3, 2016 Capricorn –You are spreading yourself too thin. This could leave you moody today. It is time to regroup and come up with a better plan. You are approaching the situation wrong. Aquarius – Aquarius you don’t get mad quick, but today if feels like people are trying your patience. Try to have a little patience with people today. You got better things on the horizon coming up on the horizon. Pisces – Stop being so hard on yourself. We are our own worse critic. Emotions are running high today Pisces, don’t worry too much because things are looking up, you just don’t see it yet. Aries – Today you will be thinking about your career or what you can do to make more money. We all love money! Aries your mind is thinking quick but you have to weigh out all the pros and cons before you jump to action. Take today to do your research. Taurus – There is a lot on your mind Taurus and sometimes you just need a break. It’s okay to take some time out for yourself sometimes. Plan a trip or a social gathering. Gemini – Get organized Gemini. There is so much at your fingertips and you are slacking because you don’t have things in order. As soon as you get things in order, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Cancer – This is a time for you to start with a clean canvas. There is so many things and options you have right now, you just have to open your eyes. Leo – This will be a slow morning for you Leo. Your day will be filled with watching the clock and daydreaming. Have a cup of coffee or something that will give you energy so you can stay alert to your surroundings today. Someone will try to take advantage of a situation if you are not paying attention. Virgo – Stop thinking so much about the past. Things happen for a reason there are no coincidences. Lift your head up and change that negative energy to positive. You will be surprised at what could change or come back just from changing your energy. Libra – It’s time for you Libra to reassess your financial obligations. It feels like there is more money going out than coming in, or it could be you are still waiting on the money that is owed to you. Don’t spend it until it is in your hands. Scorpio – Today is your day to make a mark on the world. You have thought about all the things you want to do and accomplish so now is your time to put it in motion with the beginning steps. The stars are aligned for you today. Sagittarius – This could be the beginning of good financial gain for you Sagittarius if you stick to your budget.    

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