Mercury Retrograde May 18th – June 11th

It is that time of year again! It almost seems that there is always a new Mercury Retrograde coming as soon as we are rebuilding from the last. I get so many questions about Mercury Retrograde so I decided to do another post on it. Mercury and its message Mercury holds an interesting phenomenon with in itself, but before understanding its nature we have to understand the origin of its name. The name Mercury originates from merx,  which is a Latin word used for a merchant. Romans used Mercury as a name for their Greek god, Hermes. Mercury is imagined as a man wearing a hat and sandals with wings. The  concept behind this attire is that he has the ability to travel very fast, which made him an official messenger for the gods of Greek mythology. In astrological studies, Mercury can have  an effect on traveling, writing, trading and theft. It reflects a clever and intelligent behavior but also can reflect a misbehaving nature. What is Mercury Retrograde Retrograde means to move in a backward direction or directed backwards. Mercury retrograde is an interesting phenomenon which happens 2 to 3 times a year. During this phase, Mercury slows down on its orbital path and if observed, appears to be moving in a backward direction. This happens because of an optical illusion for example, if you go by a moving train with a speed slower than the speed of your train, it appears to be moving in a backward direction; same thing happens in mercury retrograde. This year, 2015, Mercury retrograde is falling in Gemini May 18th– June 11th. Precautionary Measures Contractual and legal paperwork has to be reviewed carefully before making any commitments and signing the papers. Same goes with the verbal commitments and promises. One has to be careful in speaking and avoid impulse conversation. The conversation should be well thought and meaningful. All messages, emails and letters have to be checked multiple  times  before hitting the send button or gluing the envelope. Insurance of postal packages is also recommended as Mercury has a considerable effect on messages. Cars and Bikes have to  be properly tuned and checked before leaving on a long route. It is important to carefully observe the prefix re-, which includes renew, review, remake, redecorate etc.  Mercury Retrograde is no doubt considered to be a time to take precautions but it is also an opportunity if you think it that way. It is a perfect time for old friends re unions and meeting the people you have forgotten about. It is also an opportunity to continue an unfinished task. It is all about handling the state of chaos. If you think you can handle Mercury Retrograde, you can handle life itself.

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