Mercury Retrograde October 4th-25th 2014

This is the last Mercury Retrograde this year. A lot of people do not know what Mercury Retrograde is well I’m about to explain it to you. When Mercury is Retrograde sometimes the other planets appear to be traveling backwards through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion. Mercury Retrograde causes us to use more of our right side of our brain. The right side of our brain handles our emotions, creativity and speech. Retrograde makes us highly emotional and also causes us to react without thinking. The reason why is because we are going off of emotions only. Our anxiety is high and our patient level is short, we want results and we want them now! This causes us to have more arguments and as a result some relationships ending. I try to advice my clients during this time to avoid arguments. Arguing during this time will cause us to say a bunch of things we do not mean. So when Mercury Retrograde is over we regret the things we said. They also hope the situation will fix itself when Mercury goes back direct, well if it was only that simple. Lastly is problems with communication. Mercury is the planet that governs communication and technology. During Mercury Retrograde it causes our electronics to malfunction. Some people will notice websites crashing, problems with cell phones (calls not going through the first time), computers failing, etc. When this happens just take a deep breath and try not to get overworked. No one is safe from Mercury Retrograde. It effects us all one way or another. Here are two important things to avoid while we are in Mercury Retrograde.
  • Don’t make any kinds of agreements (verbal or paper) This means no buying property, car, loans, or any other major purchases
  • Do not accept or start a job

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